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    Frown help

    we bought a house in dec and to make a long story short, we were screwed
    in the deal.
    i have a 22 year old carrier and a new payne compressor. when we bought the house we were told the unit was only 3 years old.

    well hear is my problem and i am wondering with all of there poeple out there
    if someone can help.

    I have this green substance(sure its mold or mildew) in the drain pan.
    i have had the unit cleaned(long story)

    i am wondering if there is any company out there that will help with repairs
    or replacement of the air handler.

    I have home warranty, but unless the unit is broke, they will not repair it.
    i have spent alot on thsi system not knowing the condtion it was in.

    if anyone know any program, or a company please let me know


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    Frown opps help

    i live in garland, tx

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