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    Brand and installer advice...

    I've got a decision to make, and finding answers to help make an informed one has been difficult. I found this forum today though and it seems there are a lot of knowledgable folks here willing to share their opinions, so, uhhh hi there!

    Anyway, so I am having a home constructed for me. It's almost done. We have been told by several HVAC contractors and our builder that we need a 2 ton AC unit. Ahh some details, the home is in Castle Rock, CO, and it's a high efficiency home. I can dig up some numbers, but I am trying to decide between two contractors. Both of them measured windows and room sizes, counted vents and what not in the house, did some calculations then came back to us with offers.

    One I met personally, the other my wife met personally (I was sick, sadly). The first one wants to install an Amana ASX14301. The second wants to install a Trane XR14.

    I know the Amana has a scroll.. er... compressor? Hell I dunno, I know there is a mechanism inside which can be either scroll or piston, and scroll is regarded as better as it is mechanically more efficient and will wear at a slower rate. The fellow that wants to install the Trane I was not present for but my wife described some kind of dual bottle brush looking mechanism. I'm not sure if this is a piston or if she was talking about some other part altogether.


    Can some of you provide some insight on these units/brands? Both of these fellows impressed us where others did not. I think we've found 2 contractors here who know what they're doing. Choosing between them is difficult though so I'd like to look closely at the brands and how reliable they are obviously. I am up for any input at all, thank you all very much in advance...

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    Get references from each contractor and call them. The installation is more important than the Brand. Don't appear that either one educated you well enough on either company or brand to make a decision.

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    Ok good to know... I'd asked the fellow that would be installing the Trane to give me some info in comparison on the units, this was his reply:

    "Your wife Lisa sent me an email this am and told me you have questions regarding Trane and Amana equipment. I thought it might help to give you the main differences between the equipment.

    Trane has a more efficient spine fin coil in the condenser that has an aluminum tube in the center with aluminum spine fins around the tube ( looks like bristles on a brush ) This all aluminum coil is 15% to 18 % more efficient removing heat from the refrigerant. The efficiency of the a/c improves with the amount of heat that can be removed.

    All other manufactures ( including Amana ) use a plate fin coil, like the radiator in your car. The issue with a plate fin coil is that it has a combination of aluminum and copper metals that can lead to galvanic corrosion that can occur when dissimilar metals are in contact with each other, and it is harder to clean if it gets dirty.

    Trane is the most reliable equipment in the industry ( fewer service calls ) and is the primary reason
    we handle Trane as our primary equipment.

    Amana is good equipment and will give you good service, and we will be happy to install either Trane or Amana Equipment in your new home.

    Hopefull this information will help you make a better informed decision."

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