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    Question Unit change out advice

    I have a small house (about 1100 sq. ft)
    The ductwork was originally setup for a swamp cooler.
    When a package unit was installed, a single common return air was cut into the hallway under neath the unit (easy enough, I guess).
    I'm looking at several options.
    Change out the existing package unit and run some more flex duct to each area for individual return air registers.
    Or, remove the rooftop and go with a split system heatpump which I can install where the old indoor furnace (forced air system) used to be. (now being used as a storage closet).
    Or, might it be just as cost effective to put in a couple of mini splits, one in the living room and one in the master bedroom.

    Any thoughts or other options out there?


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    my choice is a split system in the attic with all new duct work. Most of the time the ducts for a evaporative cooler are not insulated

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    Mini splits are very pricey, normal split system is the way to go. A little more work, but it doesn't take much to cut some holes in sheetrock and pull a little bit of flex. Just make sure you have someone who knows what their doing size it properly.

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