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My replies don't come to me in dreams.

Our local specialty contractor group has sponsored inspector round table meetings which get pretty comical because the inspectors get alittle loose and fight between themselves. This is why I for one am glad to have the state board to fall back on when the need arrives.

I provided a link to my states building commission where a contractor was having a problem with the local municipality and the resultant binding interpretation handed down from the state. Sans loop holes.

We won't fight over every little whim the inspectors have but when they start being bullies I'll fight till my eyes are black and they have knocked out my teeth.

I have gone as far as taking pictures of inspected installations that were in direct code violation and handed them out at the monthly governmant affairs meetings. This was a hugh miscalculation on my part. Back to winning the battle lossing the war analogy. Very painful for serveral months afterwards.

Good luck and I wish you well.
I can relate to that.

When I started our business in Pinellas County ,FL,1976,they soon mandated
duct layouts for each home ,that they did nothing with except file them.

So we did a few ,all with layouts showing every duct as a 4" round.Then after they were finished and passed inspection,I showed the layouts to the chief mechanial inspector,in protest as it was a waste of my time and money,to make and deliver them a copy to file away.

Big mistake for the next few months!!