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    Solution for stratification

    I got into alot of houses with single zone systems with multiple floors and about 90% of the time I get complaints that the upstairs is always much warmer than downstairs. If they have them I usually set volume dampers (if they're not broken) but in many cases customers don't have them. More and more I've been telling customers to block off the lower portion of the return air grilles on the main floor in an attempt to increase return static pressure and cause the upstairs return to draw more stratified air. Is this a good suggestion or am I being a complete idiot? Thanks

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    Not a good idea,without testing the static when return are blocked.

    The root cause could also be lack of supply air to the second floor.

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    Cooling two levels of a home with just one unit is always a challenge if it isn't done right. Homeowners want their a/c system to fix the problem; what they need is for the house to fix the bulk of the problem, then the a/c to take care of the rest. This is done by reducing heat gain to the upstairs regions of the home, and making the home more airtight to the attic.

    From strictly an air conditioning perspective, dash is right on. If not enough supply air for a given heat load is reaching the upstairs rooms, it will run warmer than downstairs, period. Reduce heat load, increase supply airflow. This is best done using Manual J and D to get good results, so one knows what each room needs to stay at or near the desired indoor temperature on a design hot day outdoors.

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    Manual J&D then install a zoning system.

    Adjusting the manual dampers is only good for the conditions of the day and time you did it.

    If they were adjusted on a 95 degree day, what happens when its 82 degrees?
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