We live in Florida just south of Tampa. Yesterday we had all of our metal ductwork replaced with new flex duct. They also replaced our merc stat with a digital one. So far so good

My wife likes to keep the house frigid, stat stays pegged at 70 year round. Since we had our ductwork replaced temperature has not gone below 76.

Any thoughts on why the temp would increase?
We have a 2 1/2 ton Janijunk as they fondly refered to it.
Any questions you can think of I can ask?

I am just a dumb homeowner, actually an Irrigation contractor , but I know virtually nothing about ac, I would think by removing the old metal ductwork with holes and leaks and such and replacing it brand new flexible duct, you would get more air into the home which should be cooler not warmer.

When I called the tech this afternoon, and explained the higher temps, I was told they would stop by and check the pressure. This is a father / son team, and yesterday when the father asked the son what the static pressure was his response was 75 then walked away. I don't think he ever got the other half 75 over what?

And to top it off, he fell through the living room ceiling so their drywall guy is coming out today. It is currently patched with cardboard and silver tape.

Any thoughts are welcome.