Hello All,

I am not an HVAC person, but I am an engineer and I was hoping some of you could give me some information. I live in an apartment with a large central AC unit, and in each apartment there is simply a blower unit that pulls cold form the central circulating system.

The motor on this blower unit keeps overheating and shutting down. (Way to hot to touch). The apartment fix it guy says it has been replaced, and is installed correctly, and that we are simply "Overworking" the unit. The apartment never gets cool in that it is always in the mid to low 70's. He think that this is acceptable, and that setting the unit on 68 is what is causing the problem.

I would think a motor in a unit like this should be able to run almost continuously without overheating like this. As it is it can't run for more then 15 to 30 minutes without overheating. I would also think it is not unreasonable to want my apartment at 68.

Can you experts give me any feedback or ammunition I can use with this guy who clearly does not want to fix my problem.

Any help is really appreciated!!