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    York air cooled screw

    We are having a problem with the display blank and erratic chiller operation. We can't see anything on the display. Now Chiller will not run at all.

    Serial # RDLM003021

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

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    Buy a Trane!

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    check the main circuit breaker...if it is off then perhaps it needs to be turned on...if it is locked out/tagged out or if it is tripped, then do NOT turn it on. otherwise, if this is all of the troubleshooting that you can provide...i would suggest that you call a qualified HVACR company for further diagnosis...we all just want everybody to go home safe.

    good luck.
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    Check all Jack/ plugs'' ''some wire'' ''some fuse port,,for chiller vibration .
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    Open up swing door check power supply to display disconnect plug wires #10 & #12 there should be 12 volts dc. if not go to power supply board and test power at J6 . You should test and check power suppy fully. As for erratic operation you need display to see whats going on first.

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    Hey Jayguy pretty funny post considering that is my BOSS I am not kidding either. Perhaps you can answer his question for me any help would be much appreciated. PWW its one of your interior boys here i think you know which one.

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    This may be a bit redundant,but if you have no display,and the chiller isn't running,the control power circuit,usually(not always) 120v,may be having a problem.
    There is usually either a line volt to 120 trans,or a dedicated 120 line ,with a fuse or breaker,inside the control panel.Sometimes there is a ups on this circuit too.

    Could be as simple as a fuse/breaker,and maybe not.

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