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    Been away from working since February. I quit my last place due to lack of work and other problems within the company. Got hired on at a local company Friday after putting in my app that day, talking to the boss, and answering him satisfactorily. Its now my first day today, already have a truck, and went on a bid and a PM call. Its still slow around here, hopefully it picks up quick.
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    Ah, sorry I thought that's what he meant. An inch shouldn't make that much difference (at least that's what I always tell my wife).

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    i remeber this post from last summer. to think i survived a summer of this economy. working every other day to days off and then 5 hour days. with only 2 calls. But i did make my boss money whenever the calls would come in. Now it looks like its how my summer is gonna be.

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    i'm in jersey also, and right now the weather is keeping it slow. replacement installs are going well right now, but who knows what'll happen.
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    Well, were in a recession, plus the weather in the North East has not been ideal for AC break downs or new sales, so it is like a double whammy, I only used my own central AC a few days this year. I would stick it out, bad time to be say "Good bye Stranger, its been nice.........." especially if you up there on the totem pole.

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