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    Grumpy Old Man

    Alright everyone I just came from my parents house for a birthday dinner for my mom and dad. Needless to say it was quite warm in their house. The temperture never got below the desired temp (77) it even went up by the time I left which was 81.

    I've expressed to my dad the urgency of him getting his system serviced several weeks ago. The problem is they have a 21/22 year old Carrier system and my dad tells me all they are going to tell him is to get a new system which I agreed. But as the title suggests my dad does not want to deal with that. He just wants it serviced but he tried to make an appointment and they were instantly trying to sell one over the phone. Since then (3 weeks ago) he has not called anyone else because he feels the same thing will happen. He said the last time someone came out (3 or 4 years ago) they just added freon and everything was "fine."

    What can I do to convince my dad to get a service check done w/o him having to worry about someone trying to sell a system which I explained would happen regardless?

    My dad is 83 and is dealing with arthritis, my mom is turning 75 tomorrow and has been battling cancer for the past 8 years so needless to say the air conditioner is the least of their worries until it breaks down. We even have offered to hire someone to help clean their house and my dad refused saying he wouldn't even open the door if that person came. (Talk about grumpy?) So what is the likelihood of him letting someone in if we pay for the service?

    Any suggestions??? Thanks for your help and sorry fot the long note.

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    Just make the offer to him.

    And make sure youor there, when the service company is there.
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    My Dad is a grumpy old fella as well. If you send over someone that you trust and give them the instruction" Don't pi$$ the old man off." and pay the bill yourself. Tell your dad that the bill was 40% of what it really was and he'll be o.k. Just eat it for your folks sakes. I just come over to my Dad's house and fix what ever is wrong with his unit and tell him that he can pay me back when ever. I would never charge him for anything.
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    get someone to service it and like was said meet the tech there to head off any trouble and just pay the bill when done.

    good way to show you care

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