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Thread: Hail!

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    Quote Originally Posted by -459FZPE View Post
    Tell me about it. IMO there 50SX condensers are the worst, not only do they bend but if there a few years old they just fall apart.

    If your not going to be careful when cleaning some of them you might as well leave the dirt packed in them.The unit would probably be better off......

    Dude even the 20 ton gas packs and heat pumps. Coil fins are weak as fack!

    And you're right about leaving the dirt.
    I spray on coil cleaner. Rinse with LOW garden hose pressure.
    Then spend 30 minutes trying to fix all the bent fins.
    Then wonder if I should have even bothered!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BaldLoonie View Post
    Wonder what the head is on this one?
    I've got 13 of those to comb out this week. These are tranes though. You can here the compresor's sight of relief with every stroke of the fin comb. I've got a couple of pics of a make up air that rolled about 60 ft across an airplane hanger roof and then to the ground at the same place. Not a pretty site.

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