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    Electrical Requirements for a 4 ton Acadia Air Handler

    This is mind boggling!
    I have a customer interested in installing the Acadia heatpump in his house and he is requesting the electriocal requirements for the Air Handler and 15k resistance heater. I told him 40 amps 220volt but when I called Hallowell to confirm this I was told that the requirements for the variable speed AH with the 15k resistance heater is 90 Amp!!!

    When I expressed my astonishment they told me their air handler is a York Generic variable speed.

    Can it possibly require 90amps?

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    yes,if you used 10kw you would only need 60 amps

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    I'd say any 15 kw air handler out there would require 90 amp single circuit or 60 & 30 for dual circuit.

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    15 KW/240 volts = 62.5 amps
    62.5*1.25(continuous load duty circuit protection factor)=78.125amps circuit protection.
    Add on 3.5 amps for the 1 horse power VS motor. You need just over 80 amps total.
    So a 90 amp breaker.
    Or 1-30 amp, and 1-60 amp.
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