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    Quote Originally Posted by udarrell View Post
    NO, I am NOT in any way criticizing you, you may know more than I know.

    It is not only how much we know, but how we use what we know, that produces the most value. There again, I am NOT criticizing you.

    I won't be around too much longer, - all I want to do is help everyone I can in every way that I can, while hopefully, I still can. - Darrell
    udarrel, I enjoyed looking at your web site, and appreciate you taking the time to share valuable information. Thanks.

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    I don't think so darrel I've read stuff off of your website and I don't think you're telling people you know about things I've done. After all you're right its not about how much you know but how you can execute it.

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    since you are now asking and not complaining

    dint limit yourself to just one brand look into all of then or at least as many as you can

    read up on chillers and damper systems]

    ;look into nematic controls and other commercial control systems

    roof tops IMO are not simpalar but with every thing right there they can be easer

    just remember you are on a learning curve that never ends and dint loose that thought

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