I'd love to get some advice from some of you seasoned guys, and if I'm saying things that aren't supposed to be said on here please tell me and know it's accidental but I'm really pissed off. I've been working at the company I'm at now for the since mid-March 08. The boss started me off at what I was making at my last company and I agreed provided by the summer I was making a certain amount, he assured me that it would be no problem. So summer came and I said nothing as I noticed my hourly rate stayed the same. I waited about 3 weeks until one evening he dropped my off at home (he was on duty this particular weekend and we share the work van, its just him and I that have duty you see). So I asked him about my extra dollar and he said he'd have to think about it. I thought to myself, "what's there to think about" yet I just smiled and said "Have a good weekend, Tim." I heard nothing for two weeks until the next time he gave me a lift home. I finally confronted him about it and he said basically that for my time in the trade (2.5 years) I didn't deserve to make what I was making. He told me he didn't make the kind of money I was making until 4 years into owning his own business. I told him I didn't give a $#!t and that when and how much he made should have nothing to do with how much I did. So he made me an offer that was between what he promised and what I was currently making. I accepted but added that we needed to work out a commission plan. Well weeks went by and promises of commission kept coming but nothing. About a week ago I gave him a piece of paper saying I accepted the 24.50 he was offerring and that I wanted 10% commission on work that I brought into the company (friends, etc.) and left regular commission open. Well today he hands me my paycheck and a piece of paper disclosing the following:

Commission on equipment (H/P's, A/C's, etc.) 2%

Commission on accessories (Hums., EAC's, etc.) 1%

Commission in new work (friends, etc.) 3.5%

Service contracts (flat fee) $5 annual contracts are 150

I took this as a slap in the face. He didn't even discuss it he basically just said "F you this is what I'm giving you". I was so pissed I told him in reguards to bringing in new work he just closed a door he'll never open again. I want to leave and find another job so badly but the markets really screwed things up. What should my next move be? Should I be happy with that I've been thrown? I'd appreciate any feedback you guys have.