Our school system HVAC came by and opened up the AH. And said "hmmmm I'll BET its been blowing humid air"

He put it on his vast work order for next week

Thanx Been and Dash and Robo (i think) and a few more (sorry don't member but props anyway)


15 y/o Trane A/H at school that's never been serviced internally that you had to crank down the T-stat to get it to blow cool, dry air. A setting on the county-mandated 78 gave you cool by clammy conditions and a bad, bad stink. The original compressor petered out and they replaced it w/a last gen R22.

Someone said slowing the blower down would help and our tech concurred.

I guessin' I'm gonna be w/out air for a few days but it'd be worth.

Thanx for the help w/this prob.