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    Dual fuel vs Heat pump + electrical resistance

    It's time to replace my existing propane furnace (80,000 btuh in SE Michigan). At first thought that a dual fuel (heat pump + furnace) would be the way to go. But yesterday I calculated the cost of a 100,000 btu's for propane
    vs electric resistance heat. LP: about 2.75/gal, 90000 btu/gal, 95% efficiency furnace -> $3.21/100,000 btu. Electric resistance: about 6 cents/kwh, 3412btu/kwh, -> $1.75/100,000 btu. I concluded that it would be cheaper (initial cost and operating cost) to install a heat pump + electric resistance system.

    This morning a contractor stopped by to prepare a bid for my new system. When I asked about heat pump + electric resistance, he said that they had never done a system like this.

    Am I trying to do something stupid here?? On the surface it seems that this would be the way to go.

    Thanks in advance for any insights that you may be able to provide.

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    Having any kind of LP around here is nuts. Only thing that stops some people from going all electric is having to put in a new service to handle the backup heat. But chances are you are not nuts to go all electric. Scary that your dealer has never done such a job but if he does it right, should be fine.

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