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    Acadia is a no show


    I have tried to contact our distributor for the Acadia heat pump in Canada and did not get a response, so I am looking at other alternatives.

    I have found that the Goodman SSZ160601A* is one of the best rated air to air heat pumps, related to hspf, for our area in Canada. I have been looking at the modular blowers, like the mbe2000 and also I want a heat strip in it. I will be replacing my oil, hot air furnace, so I want to ensure I have the correct components. Do I need the blower, coil, and heat element for a complete indoor system, and/or do I also need the air handler as well? Sorry it isn't very clear on the Goodman website. The hspf rating for this system on the Canadian government website for this system, in zone 5, is 8.5, so that isn't bad.

    I guess the simple question is what components do I need for the indoors in my basement? It has to be Energy Star as well to get the grant available for the system.


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    Did you use the phone? 905-564-2221, ask for Jim. He's always been very responsive....

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    Yeh I did


    It was Jim I was trying to get hold of. He apparently is the National Sales Manager. I am in Prince Edward Island, which is quite a piece from Ontario, so maybe it was too far.


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