Guys I needed your opinion on this one.... I try to surround myself with real smart people like you guys... hoping it will rub off !!!

ISSUE: One of my customers wanted to build the most efficient home that they could for their budget, white vinyl, great windows, FOAMED roof, XL Heat Pumps, Our Hybrid Insulation, Foamed metal ducts and a Bright Metal Roof.

We haven't even fired the units up yet and the neighbors is threatening a lawsuit claiming their utility bills have increased, potential cancer, can't sleep at night, potential cateracks... get this !!!! CAUSE BY THE METAL ROOF !!
Maybe 100 yards away....
My customer even bought and planted a bunch of tall cypreses to help blocked any thing and to be neighborly

Get this that neighbor that is complaining has a Green Metal Roof

Picture this... he is out in the country... 150 cattle across the way.. goat farm next door... chicken houses down the road... barns and sheds everywhere with metal roofs.

Again lawyers make a killing $$$ from doom, gloom, murder and idiots !!!!