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    split unit

    hi i have an indoor garden that needs air conditioned as it is a closed environment. i was thinking of putting in a split unit so that it remains sealed.i live in oh and the garden would need to be cooled in the winter also, so will the outside condensor run in the winter? or how can i keep a closed environment at a set temp all year? thanks in advance for any help.


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    I don't understand why you need to use the air conditioner in the winter. I don't get cold in Ohio?

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    Yea, not sure why you would need to cool it in the winter. Unless its full of sun lights.

    A/C's can be set up to work in the winter.
    Does the enviroment need to be controled for humidity also?
    If so, that throws additional devices into the HVAC system.
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    because the artificial lights cause the room to get too hot. so i need to cool the air without it leaving the room thus a controlled closed environment. it would be similar to a server room i guess from the research im collecting. thanks again


    p.s. yes the humidity need controlled also but i figured i could use seperate humidifier/dehumidifier for that

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