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Thread: Drip pan

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    Drip pan

    Ok heres what i have a question about. ive been installing furnaces in this new construction low income type housing. basicly they are like town houses. the city inspector came by and told me that the furnaces needed a drip pan under them with a wet switch. his point was that some thing would get stuck in the drain for the ac coil and the water would be all over the floor. any input on this. I have never heard of this.

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    You say you have not heard of a secondary pan.

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    In our jurisdiction any water heater or boiler that's above an occupied space needs to have a overflow/drip pan piped to a suitable drain. In the case of air conditioning, there's no such code but good business practice is to install a second drip pan. When we're able, we install it in such a way that the secondary drip will be very obnoxious, encouraging the residents to call for service, despite their AC unit still working. If we can't put the secondary drain in such a location, then we put a float switch in to turn off the AC when activated. Again, it's not required where we are but then, neither is it required to put in a secondary drain when installing a 90+ furnace either. Water is water where I come from so.....
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    Been code around here for as long as I have been in the trade. Any unit that is positioned horizontal regardless of location needs a secondary pan per code, also all systems vertical or horizontal are required to have an overflow switch.

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