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    Work Load. How is everyone doing... Things not good here..

    Hope you guys don't mind sharing... I am just curious how other parts of the county is doing... ???????

    We are mainly new custom high end homes and we been able to survive... in part.... by not being in the track home market.

    This time last year we were steady at 4 to 6 new homes a week... now we are at 2 to 3 a month...

    Tons of small to mid size builders are gone...

    We had 5 major wholesale lumber supply in our small town... now we have 1

    Several good size HVAC Company's were took down by some of the large track home builders.

    Now the service and change out is being done at or below cost by the big box company's....

    None of the banks here are doing any spec home financing at all...

    I have several friends in the grading biz... and that has been a great gage for me to predict new starts..... The ones that are left are primarily comm.
    Now most of them are slow down a bit doing comm...

    We are north of Atlanta..... I hear inside the perimeter.... is still ok

    Not to start a doom and gloom thread..... I feel it would be helpful to all of us to see any trends.... good or bad

    Thanks.... and I wish all of you the Best of Luck !!!

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    Without going into great detail, things aren't like they used to be here either.

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    We are south of atl. and things are steady.

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    Busy in Tampa.

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    We are staying busy, but nothing like the last couple of years.

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    My company was 22 years old in March; today was the first time I have ever had to lay anyone off.

    Irony is June sales this year beat last years.

    I just finished six Bass Ales and take solice that Del Air near Orlando laid off 400 employees just before Christmas 2007.

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    Why not get your pro status and make these type of posts in the business forum?

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    Thanks AD...I am working on that

    Quote Originally Posted by adrianf View Post

    Why not get your pro status and make these type of posts in the business forum?
    Thanks Ad I am working on it

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    We just picked up a 200 unit condo and 70 houses all in 1 development, being phased over the next 4 years. All of it is going to be Geothermal. Funny thing is, we only have 5 guys in the company right now. Me thinks some hiring is in order.

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    Busy here in Michigan!

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    I am in South Central and South Eastern Pa, I know new home has dropped off quite a bit. But Replacement and Retro-fit is super busy. Only starting to slow down a bit now. I do replacement sales.

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