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    What static were they running at.
    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by michael013 View Post
    Did you not get a 10 year Parts & Labor Warranty?

    The ductwork will not be covered, but the contractor might check it for you.

    We saw quite a few "filter error" defects in the original INFINITY Controllers. NOT due to the static pressure.

    The Infinity controller has a standard 5 year warranty in our Carrier Division.
    Never heard of a controller issue regarding the filter alert,and we have installed a ton of Infinitiy Heat pumps,since they first came out.

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    Could it be that when this message showa up on the controller that your pushing the remind me later button instead of reset timer for another 3 months ??? Just a thought....

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    Infinity Controller

    If I remember correctly the newer Carrier Infinity Controllers (BASE non-zoned), do a static pressure check right after locating the installed equipment.

    Maybe I just imagined this?

    I do not remember the earlier versions having this feature. Also the older Infinity Controllers had DATE Codes where as the newer Carrier Infinity Controllers have serial numbers. Wonder why they had to start tracking them so close?

    The elusive "Carrier Factory" has never commented that non-defective Infinity Controllers were being returned? Or maybe they did and I misssed it?

    Also the return on that much larger Carrier FE Fancoil(for 15 Seer) would need a great big transition to the old ductwork if in attic, or a larger hole cut in the base in a closet. If it is in a closet check the bottom and see if they left the hole through the wood too small.

    But, I say if you do not have a newer Infinity Controller ask Carrier to replace it.

    We love Carrier products and we also love when they improve them.

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    Sounds like the initial static pressure is too high. On the original series of controls, there were a lot of people who suddenly found out that their duct design had been wrong. You know the guys -- "I've been doing it this way for 20 years". Well, you've been wrong for 20 years and didn't have a system to tell you.
    Anyway, when Carrier came out with the -A controls, they changed the amound of head room from initial pressure to 100% used pressure. Still, if you have a static pressure near 1", it's too high.

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