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    Looking for Residential HVAC contractor

    Hi All; this is my frirst post although I have been reading a lot of the threads. I've learned through other forums to read first, most questions can be answered by searching.

    I need to get quotes / proposal on new HVAC replacement in my house. I dont think I am breaking any forum rules by doind this. I have learned by reading there are members on this Forum that are local such as Classical, MrBill,The Wrangler and Jason. (Probably more, but you get the point).
    Is this how I would get members to know I am looking for Qualified Contractors ?

    I am not in a bind and mine is working fine for now, but its old and I dont want to wait till something happens. I can wait for the weather to cool so the attic wont be quite so hot. (You know, in Houston instead of being a million degrees, it will only be half a million in Fall). My hats off to you guys working in the attics during the summer. I wouldnt wish that on anyone.
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    The ones in your area may find this post in time.

    You could repost with the location in the thread title,or check the members profiles for an e-mail address,or phone and contact them directly.

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