Hi again everyone - Pleaes bear with me as i continue to pick your brains - I really appreciate your input!

I have decided to do with a propane high efficiency boiler, indirect water heater and a solar thermal hook up for domestic HW. My distribution will be hydro air with Cast iron radiators in the basement and possible first floor (Because i have them now and like the style)

My question now is what experiance do you have with marrying this type of setup together... I am looking at a budarus or a viesmann boiler - Highest efficency possible for the $$. . So here is where i need input - Are the manufacturers' Solar systems reputable (i.e. Buderus/viessmann) , or should i go with a third party solar thermal hook up into a third party indirect tank.

has anyone Installed this type of combined system?

Should i be looking at completly different company's equipment?

I would love some thoughts on this before i speak with my HVAC guys inthe next few days

thanks again everyone