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    Help needed on air conditioner choice

    I have had to have my air conditioner charged up to 3 times last year. 2x this year so far. The leak apparently is in the indoor coil. It has been repaired a few times but it didn't last. My unit is a 3 ton Janitrol 21 years old and I am looking to replace it.
    I have narrowed my choice down to a base Tempstar unit N2A3 (13 seer). This unit has a 5 year compressor and parts warranty but is eligible for the supersize 5 additional years of warranty that tempstar is advertising, so that it will have 10 total years of parts and compressor warrenty.
    The carrier model is 24ABR3 (13 seer) with a 5 years parts and compressor warranty. I believe both units have a scroll compressor.
    Would the Tempstar unit be a better choice with the 10 year warranty, or is the carrier still a better unit even with the 5 year warranty.
    Any help on the decision would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    I also had my decision down to Carrier units (24ACA4) or Tempstar units (T4A4). I decided to go with the Tempstar units, and I am very happy with the decision I made. During my research I found the two units to be very similar, and in a roundabout way made by the same company.

    I had post-install questions (just questions, no problems) about the warranty on the Tempstar unit and called ICP directly. (As posted by Chuck65...ICP is the company that owns Tempstar, Carrier owns ICP.) ICP/Tempstar would not answer any specific questions about their warranty and told me to direct any warranty questions to the installing company.

    I considered the base unit you are looking at and I would suggest you talk to your installing company about the cost difference between the N2A3 and the T4A3. I found the N2A3 noiser and builder grade looks. (But those things may not matter to you.) The 24ABR3 looks almost identical to the T4A3 that I had installed. Also, according to the literature I am not sure the 24ABR3 is available with the R410a refrigerant...but a pro on here would probably know better about that.

    The point of this reply would be: Whatever unit you decide to choose, make sure you are happy with the installer as according to ICP they are your warranty contact.
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    Mechanically they are the same under the hood, basic builder units. Both will have a Copeland scroll. Carrier has a little different top. Key is best possible installer and correct sizing, hard to find these days. If you like the ICP installer and can get a longer warranty that route, go for it.

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