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    Question New HVAC unit or not

    I have a 11 year old Bryant Heat pump 12 seer package unit with 15 kw heat strips . (3.50 ton ) Very well insulated house last months electric bill was $132.00 . T-stat set between 76-78 at most times cooling and 68-69 heating . Winter bill usaully gets to $145.00

    I am not having any problems yet but most everyone is telling me the average life on a heat pump is 13 years . I have not had one problem with my Bryant unit so I started looking at them again .

    Questions :

    Do you replace before they start breaking down ? Is 13 years really true ?

    Units I am looking at :

    Trane 16 seer package 9.0 (most expensive)

    Bryant 15 Seer Package 8.0

    American Standard 15 seer (haven't priced yet )

    How much money can I save by going to one of these units ?

    Others things to consider is my unit now is LOUD ! What unit will give me as good reliablity ? Trane higher seer rating but very good luck with Bryant so far .

    How do I get the ARI ratings on these units ?

    Thank you


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    A 12-SEER Unit with components added can YIELD 13-SEER Performance

    Concerning equipment component life, a lot depends on the quality of he initial installation & set-up. Your unit system could last 20 years.

    Right sizing of the system & selection of longer cycle room T-stats help reduce the number of starts, which is hard on equipment components.

    There is no way to predict whether a new unit will have some early component failures. It is cost-effective to replace low cost component failures.

    Good maintenance practices, keeping filters changed & condenser & evap-coils clean, help reduce major component failures.

    With RIGHT SIZING & proper cycle controlling ROOM T-stat & other components a TXV,etc., a 12-SEER unit can USUALLY YIELD 13-SEER performance. They should have been allowed to mfg'er them & the 10-SEER units, there are climates where they work very well.

    Everyone can't afford the new higher SEER Rated equipment.

    Got work to do... - Darrell

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    Question New or not ?

    I do keep my filter changed and my coils cleaned . Can you still tell me where to get the ARI ratings on these units .

    Thank You


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