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    boiler conversion question

    A quick question from an HVAC novice...

    I have a roughly 210 year old house in new england with two completely separate oil heat systems (about 2/3 of the heat zones and hot water run off one and 1/3 of the zones off the other). two separate tanks feed them and they are in different basement rooms and vent through different chimneys. i'd guess the boilers are 20+ yrs old or so but my oil company service guy says they are in "good shape". my question is... does it make sense to convert one of the systems to gas (i have a gas line into the house already) since the modern gas boilers may be more efficient and at least lately the cost of gas vs oil has been much lower. can i link my two oil tanks to increase my storage capacity for the remaining oil system if i do it? thanks for any input.

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    I I could get gas, I would put in two modcons with outdoor reset controls. Keeping those oil boilers hot wastes energy. A modcon can be down fired to match your actual load profile and be highly efficient for a majority of the heating season.

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    thanks - if i were to go all gas it'd seem to make sense to go with just one system. not quite sure why the prior owner decided he needed two furnaces. i was thinking the cost of re-plumbing all onto one might be a lot versus just switching one system out. i forgot to mention that the larger system feeds radiant floor and some baseboard hot water (steam?) systems while the other is feeding cast iron radiators. not sure if that makes a difference.

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