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    Damprid moisture absorber safe near furnace?

    My furnace is located in the basement under the stairs leading to the first floor. It has a fake wall around it with the water heater. I have a dehumidifier running in the basement that keeps it around 58%RH. I have 2 of the product below in that area.

    One is sitting on the return going to the furnace. The other is on top of the water heater next to the furnace. I have containers underneath them just in case it leaks.
    I put them there to make sure there is no mold growth because of some slight condensation when the A/C runs and to just keep the moisture down in that area. In the FAQ it mentions this:

    1. What is the DampRid formula used in the moisture absorber products?
    DampRid is a non-toxic inorganic mineral salt named Calcium Chloride. As with all other household chemicals, DampRid should be kept in areas out of reach. DampRid does not emit any type of fume, gas or vapor of any kind.

    2. “Avoid metal and leather” appears on the container. What is the danger?
    DampRid is a salt product. If the absorbed moisture comes in contact with metal for a long period of time, the metal will corrode. Similarly, the product can absorb the moisture in leather, leaving it hard and wrinkled.

    Is this stuff safe to use near a furnace? I want to be sure I am not contaminating the air that goes into the furnace. Also I would assume number 2. refers to the liquid being spilled on metal. Because of this I may move them to the floor to be sure nothing spills. Just curious if anyone have ever used this stuff? Thanks


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    Good question. I've been using Damprid for years in my gun safes with no problems at all. But, there's only a gas drier for a possible ignition source. This could be interesting.

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