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What is insulation for than anyway.... ?????

So your saying it is best to suspend a R-6 (R-8 now) full of 45* to 55* air in 150* 90% RH ambient air with a slick surface
Over that same duct buried below insulation where it should be with in 5* to 10* of the interior air

Roll one out of your bag !!!! Thats some good stuff !!!!!

With you guys thinking.... Way do they even bother putting insulation on flex at all..... ????????????

We buried those ducts just North of Atlanta.... During the R&D

Your saying as well all the top "Building Forensic Scientist" are "Dangerous.

Let me remind you !!! All the R&D I have been involved with since 1998 has had a direct impact on everybody's building codes...

Sorry I will have to check on this DeWhit guy....

I know last time you guys trashed me.... I found out your info was from some idiot who was paid of by the "Fiberglass Crooks"

Let me check this Dwhitt guy out

I haven't trashed you I just posted that which was publicly available from a person like you; a stranger on the INTERNET. After that posting it was admitted that under the right conditions the cellulose would support mold growth there was nothing sinister or malicious intended.

No the drywall isn't where the condensation occurs it starts on the vapor barrier of the duct.

For soggy South West Florida the vapor movement to the now even cooler a.k.a barried in lose fill insulation, duct vapor barrier is not impeded.

We're not really a summer vacation destination but you're welcome to visit anytime and see for yourself.

And as long as you're not a smoker or haven't destroyed your sense of smell some way you can do a first stage mold survey. Then go digging through the virgin, usually blown fiberglass insulation and pull yourself out a sample to send of to your lab of choice. If you need help with that I happen to be a certified (ha-ha) mold inspector but about I will do is help with the chain of custody.

I wasn't calling Dr. Joe or any of the building science community dangerous; just your blanket statements.

For me I prefer no fiberglass or cellulose insulation at the ceiling.

My experience with the Building Science folks and Dr Joe's thinking began with the 1997 Home and Condo Dream Home here.

My built in 2000 home's entire envelop is sprayed in place foam.

There is some irony in that Icynene and Dr. Joe are from Canada considering their presence in our climate.

When two people agree on everything one of them is doing all the thinking.