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    I have to admit, I'm a little confused myself.

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    I think hes mad at someone for something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meoberry View Post
    Oh! You had them to want to be in business with you too. Pay their bill after they try to talk your price down or try to tell you that they don't pay that much for a motor. Then when you condemn a unit they want to know if it was caused by rust or corrosion. Or the other good one " We will send you a unit to install for us and to warranty".

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    Quote Originally Posted by iraqveteran View Post
    What the hell????

    I understood absolutely none of that. Are you on my side here or goin against me?

    Try using more than 3 sentences. Its hard to follow your point.
    Sorry I was trying to be sarcastic. I am on your side this is the lines the home warranties companies use to try to get A/C companies to do there work. I have worked at four different shops that took on home warranty companies those are the lines they use. Oh by the way all four dropped them after about six months. The last one is still trying to get paid on eight different invoices. Beware of AHS.....

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