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    The vent tee is on the wrong side of the J-Trap and may not be letting water flow out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tinknocker service tech View Post
    put a cap on the vent before the trap. Seal it with tape if you have nothing else and have the installer come and fix it.
    you saw that too

    cap that pipe at the top of the trap the "T" fitting, the pipe that goes upwards is open and thus causing your sondensate to not make it to the pump a 3/4 cap from a local hardware store will fix your troubles. although is the system is new, it would be fun to see how many times the contractor comes out to fix it
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    Do you hear the pump turn on? You can fill the pump to trigger the float switch. Check the flexable tube for kinks.

    Definitely cap the 3/4 inch white pipe.

    Call the installer back and/or send them your pictures and ask them if this installation meets industry standards regarding workmanship.

    They would be a fool to not resolve this.

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