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Thread: Munchkin 140

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    Munchkin 140

    Replacing my stone-age oil boiler with a new gas one. Given a quote that I really like, but it is for a Munchkin 140 boiler. Been trying to do research on the unit and am finding mixed results. Anyone know anything about the reliability of this unit?

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    I have put in a few Munchkins and have a few problems with all of them.

    I would reccommend the Buderus GB142

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    The newer Munchkins seem to be OK. They had some problems a while back, all of them that I've installed in the last year and a half are fine.

    That being said, the Buderus GB142 is always my first choice. Quiet, efficient, has some nice features that I like, and some good benefits for the homeowner.

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