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    Air Handler Transformer

    How can I tell if the transformer should be connected using the 208 option or the 240 option?

    THe last transformer was connected using 240 by a service tech. However, it lasted about 8 days, and died last Saturday night. Got a freid to pick up a transformer from an HVAC supply. Paid a "professional " firm for the last one.

    The air handler and the condenser unit both indicate 208/230. I don't know how the original transformer was connected, as I trusted the service company to connect properly. Now, after two blown transformers in the last 2 weeks, not sure they are connecting them correctly. The low voltage looks good from what I can tell, I just want to ensure that the high voltage is using the right lead.

    Thanks for any suggestions. I need to know how to find out the correct option. THe condenser is an 11 year old Armstrong. Air handler is same age. Definitely worn, but they were still working. I am selling in a week, so don't want to have to replace for someone else.
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