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    They all can, just trying to match up with whatever version you have. Not sure if it matters though, I'll see what I can dig up and get to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crab master View Post
    The 400 is not a LPT-10 type transceiver - it is a TP/FT-10 transceiver. You need a router to convert the LPT-10 to TP/FT-10 and then put your 400 on the TP/FT-10. You add the router in Lonmaker unless you can buy one that autoconfigures, but if not add the TP/FT-10 channel first and then add your LPT-10 to TP/FT-10 router. Commission the router and then you can commission the 400 series once its tranciever is set up correctly.
    A normal FT-10 device can be operated on a LPT-10 channel, so no need for a router here.
    BTW, SVEA and also TAC is all Schneider Electric.

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