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    Quote Originally Posted by Caveman1234 View Post
    They make a 2 and 3 zone ductless splits, one outside unit and three inside wall mount units. Most brands have a "dry-mode" to remove humidity when cooling is not needed. Most ductless splits are very quiet and are very efficient.
    Yes, I had seen things online about multizone minisplits.
    Could such a thing have the wall mount units on two different floors?
    When you say it's ductless, does that mean it's transporting cold refrigerant in insulated lines to the various wall mount units?
    Does the dehumidifying mode keep on removing humidity regardless of the temperature? I know it has a temperature below which it would ice up. But I mean, other than that.

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    Multiple floors OK

    The indoor units do not have to be on the same floor. The Fuji spec allows for a difference of up to 49 feet between the units and a 66 foot limitation on the length of the lineset (pipes between the indoor and outdoor units). I have no idea what the effect on the performance and efficiency is when approaching (or exceeding) these limits.

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