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I agree with being disappointed in leaving wire scraps around. No matter what anyone here says, that is unprofessional. As a person working in a professional industry, it is one of my pet peeves when so called professionals leave a mess. The customer is paying hundreds or thousands of dollars, and you leave him a mess? Sad. And you know what else? Joe Blow Homeowner will not give two ****s if your brazes are beautiful, for example. All they will think about is the mess you left. And if you don't think they tell others, well....just look at this thread and the disappointment from a homeowner. Word of mouth can make or break a business.
Exactly! To me, it is a sign of disrespect towards me and my home. I try my best to keep it clean and for me to pay them a good deal of money to do this work and leave a mess for me to clean is unacceptable.