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    Ducting Options: Air Exchanger & Whole House Dehumidifier

    Last year I installed a Honeywell Air Exchanger. (model:HR200B1005) The installation went well and provided much needed fresh air.

    My only open issue is that I have excess humidity in the house during the summer. I decided I want to automate my system and at the same time add a Honeywell whole house dehumidier. I am not certain what ducting configuration to use with my whole house dehumidfier and air exchanger.

    Here is what will comprise my system.
    Trane Furnace
    Trane Central Air Conditioner
    Honeywell Air Exchanger (HR200B1005)
    Honeywell Whole House Dehumidifier (DH90)
    Honeywell Humidifier (HE360A)
    Honeywell VisionProIAQ w/Equipment Interface Module
    - Outdoor Temperature Sensor
    - Fres Air Ventilation Control (W8150A 1001)

    I know my central air works to dehumidify the house. It does not keep up with the humidity. (especially in the basement) The DH90 has a 10" inlet and a 10" outlet. It also has a 6" fresh air inlet. I don't want to connect the 6" fresh air inlet direct to the outside because that is what the air exchanger does. I am considering ducting the air from the air exchanger outlet (fresh air) to the DH90 6" inlet for dehumidication prior to ducting into the air return. I also need to duct return air to the 10" inlet from a central return in the house. The air exchanger also does not filter incoming air well. The DH90 has better filtration.

    After ducting is complete I plan on controlling all of the above with my new control.
    Air Exchanger

    I am looking for ducting suggestions. In addition I would like control suggestions. I also am concerned about balance if I connect the air exchanger and whole house dehumidifer in series. The Vision Pro IAQ will control the air exchanger speed and the dehumidifer which has a fan. Perhaps I should not put the dehumidifier in series and simply supply air from a cold air return and the basement.

    Any help, recommendations & etc. would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    I have my dehumidier and erv seperate. Basement return and supply. It keeps the entire house at 40% rh.

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