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    I am in the same boat as you... and similar climate in ohio as you have in PA.

    I recently moved to a smaller house almost a year ago.... just to try and save money. My last house was 2066 Square feet and had some old electric air handler furnace and an electric heat pump.

    I moved to this small house (1044 square feet) and the first thing I did to this house was put new windows in. This house has a Fuel Oil furnace with an AC unit outsite. Both are about 7 years old.

    My 1044 Square foot house costs me about 3 times the amount my 2066 square feet house cost me to heat.

    Heat pumps for the win.

    So i have been getting estimates and stuff... seems like all these heating and cooling guys keep blowing smoke up my butt.

    They act like I can't go on the internet and see how much a heat pump costs or something.
    They are trying to charge me Removed bucks to install Removed bucks worth of equipment. Do these guys make like 400 bucks an hour or something.
    I am a computer engineer that went to college. I must be in the wrong field.
    I also own my own web hosting business. I charge $Removed bucks and hour for what I do and some people think I am expensive.

    I told the last company that if the technician that is installing my equipment can beat me in a math contest. I might be able to justify the insane amount of cost for 5 hour worth of work.

    Oh by the way. Get rid of the oil furnace. New electric air handler furnaces are cheap, cheaper than the heat pump. Plus you will get better efficiency out of the heat pump with a newer matched air handler to go with it.
    (this is what I am doing)

    Lucky for me I only need a 2 ton heat pump.
    A brand new 16 seer shipped to my door will cost me $Removed bucks

    So I am sure everyone has said shop around. Look at the prices of the equipment they are selling you and make sure they don't try and jack the price up to some insane amount. I am sure you wouldn't pay double the price for a car or a house, so there is no reason to pay double the price for a heat pump.

    Removed Pricing, please read the rules before posting again!
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