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    Hmm Which Heat Pump should I use??


    I am considering replacing my HVAC system with a heat pump/oil furnace combo system. I already have an oil furnace that uses, on average, around 700 gallons of oil per year to heat (at a locked-in price of $4.09 per gallonfor this year) and a central AC system that was put in around 4 years ago by the previous owner ( I don't know what the SEER rating is for this unit; the furnace is an 11 year old Rheem). I hear that Heat pumps are more energy efficient and my HVAC guy suggested the combo unit of a heat pump operating until a set temp of around 30 degrees and then the furnace kicks in. This seems ideal to me but, he has reccomended two different types. Both are Ruud units but one is a single stage 13 SEER R-410A unit. The other is a 16 SEER TWO STAGE HEAT PUMP ADDS. My house is a 2250 sq. feet bi-level. Most of our living is on the 2nd level. I live in PA. The electrical rate caps are set to expire in about 2 years so my electric will go up, eventually. Currently we spend about $130 per month for electric give or take $25 considering the season.
    So, what are your thoughts? Is the 2 stage a better option? I think either will pay for itself in time. Just what is the better option based on my situation? Thanks for all of you who respond!
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