I need to update my current fuel oil burner. 37 years old and while it still runs great, it's so inefficient it's nuts.

Been considering replacing it with a Munchkin MC-80 LP boiler or the possibility of an electric boiler, in which case I was looking at the Argo Line but was informed they're not all that great. Told to look into the Slant Fin units, but I haven't had any luck pricing anything out.

It would be probably easier bringing in an LP line compared to bringing in a new electric line as well as upgrading to a 200a panel as well as the other wiring to supply an electric unit.

1100sq. foot house, single story, well insulated, with base boards throughout the house. Someone informed to take the baseboard footage x 580 to determine the BTU's, which would equal just under 50,000 required.

Any recommendations or thoughts? Pro's/Con's. Also need to add a hot water heater.Located in Eastern, SD no discount for all electric. Rates are at .075 right now with LP cash price right now of roughly 2.20.