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    Pipe nipples on Evaporator box...

    I searched before posting, and could not find an answer to this (hopefully) easy question.

    I have a central air unit which is running well. It was put in about 12 years ago. It has evaporator / natural gas furnace in the attic and the condenser/compressor outside (don't have actual models at the moment, but may not be necessary with the generic question)

    Was inspecting the duct in the attic and it all looked fine

    While checking air handler, noticed two metal pipe nipples (1/2" it looked like) directly above one another and about 12 inches above the normal drain port and refrigerant piping penetrations.

    Thing is, they were open and blowing quite a bit of cold air out. Are these suppose to be capped or would they be used for some other reason? It seems funny that they would be wide open blowing cold air out straight out of the box.

    Any help would be appreciated.



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    Sounds like a multi position coil and those would of been the drain ports if installed vertical instead of horizontal. Maybe installer didn't have caps back in the day.

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    Thank you tdlaskaris, that makes sense. I will put a cap on them ASAP, unless anyone else recommends otherwise.

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    I agree with TD, atleast that's what it sounds like... Good luck with that.
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    agree with the others, probably 3/4" pipe thread.

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