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    Single Stage vs. Two Stage vs. Two Stage Variable??

    I know what the difference is. Are there any opinions about the necessity for either. I've had one estimate with what I think is a single stage Rheem furnace. I think it's single stage because the contractor never mentioned it being two stage. I've had another estimate with a competing brand for a two stage furnace. My two stage estimate is more costly understandably. How much of a difference price difference should one expect going from a single to a two stage furnace?

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    We don't talk about prices on this forum.
    A 2 stage VS cost more then a 2 stage multispeed, which cost more then a single stage.

    You do not NEED 2 stage. 2 stage is a comfort feature. Not a fuel savings feature.
    You do not NEED a VS blower. It can help over come some duct work defficiencies. It is a comfort enhancement also.

    Which one you should get, depends on what your comfort is worth to you.
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    As long as you are not going above 14 seer. Most systems with efficiencies over 14 seer , require the variable speed blower.

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