I am pretty sure that we have decided on a contractor, just wanted to get some opinions on the systems we have narrowed it down to.
We are now sure whether we should put the extra $$$ up front for dual fuel or stay with gas/AC (this is for our downstairs, we have a heatpump upstairs total house sq ft: 2250; downstairs 1100ish). Local rates are $.0894/kwh (+$7.01/month customer charge) and $1.437/therm (+$5.00/month customer charge).
The systems we are looking at are:
Heil VS90 Gas Furnace 75,000btu
Heil DX1400 AC 2 ton
Heil VS90 Gas Furnace 75,000btu
Heil DX1400 Heatpump 2 ton

Oh, we live in Charlotte, NC.

Also, do you have any rec's for a whole house media filter? We have also considered the 4" MERV 10 filter that sits where a 'normal' filter does. Any opinion on the UV light set-ups?