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    Angry Continued vibration in new air handler

    Just had a new 5 ton Trane XL15l with air handler 4TEE3F65 installed that was vibrating when the centrifugal blower was on. Based on the feedback on my previous post, I insisting this was not normal, and the contractor replaced the centrifugal fan. I watched it taken out and replaced.

    When the blower unit was taken out and spun by hand, you could hear and feel the vibrations at certain speeds. The new fan when installed on the motor shaft did not show the same vibrations when spun by hand. However, once in the unit, and turned on, the air handler again was again some vibrations when the blower is on. The level of vibration is less but still much greater than the vibrations of the compressor outside.

    What level of vibrations are normal ???

    Will such vibrations cause other problems to the air handler?

    Are such vibrations something expected in Trane systems ?

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    What level? Um....level 3 vibrations are normal. Huh?

    That is a relative question no one can answer without being there. What you call awful someone else might not even notice. Vibrations can cause other problems, sure. Usually to the lineset or drain. Is the unit set on a pad or hung? Attic, crawlspace or basement or hallway closet??? Isolation pads used? Makes a difference.
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    Vibrations are not normal with any system and are unacceptable with a new unit. Work with your contactor, who should be working with Trane to keep you, as a customer, satisfied. If you were my customer and replacing the blower ass'y didn't solve the problem, I'd be putting a new unit in for you, no questions asked. And my dealer would be getting old unit back with the explanation that it virbrates.
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    Question Air Handler Vibrations in New Unit cont'd

    The unit is hung in a bump-up in the sheetrock in the garage ceiling. Both input and output plenums have their bottom sides resting snuggly on the sheet rock.

    The vibration level you can feel on the body of the unit is comparable to the vibrations on the top air vent of the XL16 compressor unit outside. The vibrations on the support arms and cross bars of the air handler supporting the unit from the ceiling seems to be amplified. One can readily see the large flat bottom part of the water pan below the unit is bowing from the vibrations like a drum head at about 5 clyes per second.

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    Was the blower wheel changed along with the motor? The wheel could be out of balance.

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    The blower fan was replaced and it helped reduce most of the vibrations. The motor was not replaced

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    Is the return air large enough to handle 5 ton? Could be starved for air? Also may be the way unit is mounted. As said its hard to tell from here.

    Can you post some pictures?
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    not sure what style blower is in that unit, but if it's a psc (permanent split capacitor) motor, i've seen weak (read:bad) fan capacitors create vibrations. the motor will get some strange harmonics to it that will vibrate the cabinet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by m kilgore View Post
    Is the return air large enough to handle 5 ton? Could be starved for air? Also may be the way unit is mounted. As said its hard to tell from here.

    Can you post some pictures?
    I cannot seem to post pics here so have sent a few to your email address.

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    Yes the original blower fan was replaced.

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