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Thread: High superheat

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    High superheat

    I have a simple dx system (R22) with high superheat,,8-9C.
    suction pressure is low 53 psi, though the system appears fully charged when standing ,,,approx 125psi...internal 20C,ambient 25C.
    off coil temp 5C.
    eventually suctionpressure drops and unit freezes.
    there is no discahrge/liq line service valve.
    unable to decant system as it is sole supporting critical equipment.

    is there a simple answer for high superheat???
    what are usual factors for high superheat ???

    grateful for any response..

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    high can have the system over loaded.maybe a restriction in the liquid line.Undercharge.

    But it does not matter unless you know what going on in the other part of the system.

    Superheat/subcool.superheat/ say it with me.LOL.

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    This sounded a lot like an undercharged system. Any update?

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    high superheat

    If there is no discharge port, what is the temp. of the liquid line? That, adding 20 to 50 degrees farenheit, should ballpark discharge temp./pressure. What is the amp draw on the compressor? What is the heatload? High heat load should equal Amp draw near LRA. Sounds undercharged.

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    Yeah def sounds like yours it short of gas mate!
    Im havn similar probs.
    I changed the tx valve on a package unit, went to charge it up and couldnt get the suction pressure above 300kpa, discharge was 1500kpa after i bloked da coil. the more R-22 i fed it the more it flooded back.
    suction bulb temp was 3c. adjusted tx valve to no evail, suction would not go up. ambiant for the day was 17c.
    Dont know if the system is over or under charged? or is the ambiant to cold to get suction presure higher?
    Can anyone shed some light. cheers
    P.S How da hell do i post my own thread on this web site?

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    sounds like a bore problem or a plug somewhere.
    The primary function of the design engineer is to make things difficult for the fabricator and impossible for the serviceman.

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