We had a Lennox G60DFV-60C along with a 3 1/2 ton XP15 heat pump installed a few years ago. I have recently been thinking of installing an electronic air cleaner. While researching recomended blower CFM rates for EAC's I learned that my blower CFM should be set based on the tonnage of my heat pump (400 CFM per ton).

I checked the current blower settings and found that it is set to 2068 CFM, which seems to be way to high. I would assume that it should be set to 1400 CFM based upon the tonnage of my heat pump.

To confuse me even further, I also found that the coil that was installed is rated at 4.8 tons. Which may be the reason the blower is set to 2068 CFM.

Ok, now to my questions.

1) Is it "ok" that my coil tonnage (4.8 ton) differs from the tonnage of the heat pump (3.5 ton)?

2) Should the CFM of my blower be set based on the tonnage of the heat pump or the coil?

Thanks in advance for your answers.