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    Never have a camera

    I always miss the great ones.

    May 15,2008

    Off Dove Rd.

    Get there call not cooling, first blown fan run capacitor, replaced 7.5uF and ck, amps , bearings ok. Then low refrigerant, but, wait this is a Friedrich 1972 model system with original coil, updated York furnace.D-Tek and open coil, oily and leaking both sides cap-tubes and tube sheets. Well, lets find out what we need to do to get a new coil, remove furnace, upper/lower combustion,gas lines mastic,drains, breaker 60amp on condenser, and in large R.A.G.<<<>>>.

    Give him an estimate for repairs and AHS will replace coil, but he should replace condenser also, nope just coil.. Man how cheap can some people be.

    He could save about 800.00+ a year with just spending a little money to upgrade 1972 >7.0 EER condenser.
    'Life begins with the journey each day'

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    Dang it, AC, cameras are cheap. When Sis's father in law gets back from vacation, I can get you a deal on a nice little Panasonic he fixes up.

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    if he wasn't cheap he wouldn't have AHS. there i said it ,feels good.

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    We deal with AHS some and a few of their customers are real cheap, as in don't want to pay anything more than they have to.

    Then again others start asking about upgrading to 18 and 19 SEER equipment with 90+ efficiency furnaces and once they get the quote decide just to get a 14 SEER system put in, all because the warranty company is paying part of it.

    They seem to have some weird people how but their contracts. Guess you sometimes get lucky

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