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    Frigidaire vs Trane, and airfilters - which one?

    Two topics - brand recommendation, and air filters.

    Topic 1:
    Looking to get a variable 95%, 4 ton heater, 4 ton AC -2 stage, and whole house air filter.

    1. Any advice on brands? Leaning toward Frigidaire. Looked at spec and has slight differences (like a lower HP motor 1/4 for Frig vs 1/3 for trane), but on the surface they seem similar. I am comparing...

    a. AC - 4 ton Frig (16 seer) with 3.5 ton Trane XL15i (17.5 seer). Frig has a 1/4 HP motor with 24" fan, Trane 1/3 HP motor and 27" fan - I assume it will have less noise.

    b. Trane 5 ton XV80 two stage variable with Frigidaire 4 ton C chassis two stage variable 95 - of course the 95 vs 80 is different but otherwise, the Frig has a 3/4 HP motor vs 1 HP motor in Trane). Both 100BTU.

    Topic 2.
    Need any advice on Air filters, which one is better...

    a. Frig - 0.01 micron filtering capability, but not clear how much of the impurities in the air it filters - I think it's 50% any time air flows through. Uses collection zapping plates on charged dust/bacteria/etc particles. Anyone have stats on how much is filtered (80%, 50% of particles??)... And what size are those particles?

    b. Trane Clean Effects - 0.1 micron, 10 times less in terms of size of particle (basically some virus sized particles are not zapped, bacteria is). Uses a three stage filtering, one is zapping plates. Another is a synthetic filter (plastics/glue/paper looking). Has 99.98% filtering of particles when air flows through I assume 0.1 microns). I'm told it's 80% after a few weeks once the filter starts filling up just a little.

    c. Any others? Both have 10 year warranties.

    Thanks - should I consider another brand?

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    Either system, properly sized and installed, will be just fine. The Fridgie 16 SEER should be the 2 stage line vs single stage for Trane. Obviously 95% beats 80% in furnaces. From that standpoint alone, there's a huge advantage.

    List filter model names. Not many can do anything with .01 microns. Claims run wild in air cleaners since there is little standardization of ratings.

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    Frig EAC 2025 vs Trane TFD210ALFR000A

    Frig is only electrostatic filtering with plates 20 x 25" (EAC2025).

    Trane is a Clean Effects whole house cleaner, standalone, upflow air.

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