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    Sizing an FAU for a rental house

    Hi guys;

    I am an architect and trying to size an FAU for a rental house in San Francisco - fairly mild climate - temps in winter 45-65 - in summer 50-80. It's 2 stories but only 1600 s.f. NO AC

    My first contractor recommended a York Affinity 92.5 AFU - PT9 UP 1200 cfm

    Does that seem big enough? the next one up is 1600 CFM. The total package was 10K - seemed high to me for 3 bedrooms, LR,FR, DR, 2 bathrm

    What else should i look at? Carrier?

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    Read rules no pricing. You should edit pricing out. You will need a contractor to do a load calculation to get proper size of FAU. CFM does not tell me anything for furnace BTU size.

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    Like 21degrees said, you need to have a load calculation done and ductwork properly designed for a new installation. Can't tell if it's big enough by CFM. Hard to tell if it's the right size without a load calculation.

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