House was built a few years ago,4 ton and 2.5 ton systems,undersized ducts,and duct leakage.

Another competitor comes along,moves the 4 ton to where the 2.5 was and replaces the 4 with a 5 ton.5 ton Rheem has the whole top boxed in for supply and the tabs were never bent up,retur .45- supply .15ESP.

Frigidaire top boxed in also,.8 ESP.Both heat pump air handlers.

9 tons installed now,we are doing the calcs,bet that 6 to 7 max is all thats needed.

85 degrees outdoors,both cycle max on 5 minutes.

Referral from the neighbor that has a new Infinity Two stage heat pump.

The owner is in the construction trades,first and second HVAC contractors are now former friends! lol!!